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Unlike older, single speed gas furnaces, multi-stage variable speed units can run at multiple speeds. On milder days, the system can run at a lower speed to reduce energy consumption and increase your comfort level. These systems also improve air quality with constant circulation, and they are quieter than other options. Schark Heating & Cooling Inc. home furnace product line includes many Energy Star options that may qualify for rebates. Let us explain your options.

Replace Your Old Air Conditioner With A New Efficient Unit

There is no need to suffer through the hot summer months when energy-efficient and affordable air conditioners are so widely available. Contact Schark Heating & Cooling Inc. for assistance in choosing a new central air conditioning system. Variable speed operations are an important consideration in your decision. Variable speed refers to the speed of the fan motor in the air handler – the indoor part of the appliance that moves cooled air throughout your home’s ductwork. An air conditioning unit that takes advantage of variable speed technology means that you will consume less electricity, improve the air quality of your home, and will have better control of indoor humidity levels. 

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A humidifier is an important addition to your home’s climate control systems, adding much-needed moisture to the air. The right level of humidity at home can prevent common illnesses and reduce household static, and it can prevent the discomfort associated with itchy skin, dry eyes, and sore throats. Regulating your home humidity levels can also save you money in the long run.To learn more about whole home furnaces and to find the system that is right for your property, call us at (989) 781-1480 today.